Everyone knows that for a good party you need a great selection of tunes, but one essential component that’s often under-appreciated is good lighting.

When most people are hiring a DJ, their main concern is the music they’ll play and their ability to get the crowd going, but while it’s certainly important your disk jockey knows their way around the decks, they should also have a good understanding of lighting and how it’s used to set the scene at your party. 

Sadly, when organisers are searching for a DJ this is one area that’s frequently overlooked, but here’s why lighting and understanding how to use it effectively is such an important skill that every DJ needs to master.

Creates atmosphere

Whether the DJ is looking to create a romantic setting or they’re going for more of a disco vibe, the proper use of light will compliment the music and help them set the mood and tempo of the evening.

A great example is a wedding reception. If the bride and groom are about to have their ‘first dance’, having the right atmosphere is absolutely essential. The last thing they need is the intimacy being destroyed by bright light. A good, experienced DJ will understand this and know how to use the lighting in order to create the right ambience.

Great fun

Not only is lighting important for setting the mood, but it’s also great fun too! This is especially the case for kids’ parties where the little ones will love to dance under the different coloured lights, so as well as being key to creating the correct mood, good lighting can also make the event more enjoyable for you and your guests.

When it comes to lighting equipment, there are many types to choose from and each serves its own purpose. From rotating disco balls and strobes, to UV and colourful stage lights – the options are practically endless, so hiring a DJ with a wide selection of lights to choose from can make all the difference to your party or event and make it more fun for all.

Compliments the room/venue

One of the less obvious benefits of proper lighting is it can make a room seem larger than it actually is. If you’ve ever been to a nightclub when suddenly the overhead lights come on at the end, then you’ll understand what I mean. The room can feel much smaller than it did just a few seconds earlier when it was darker, and again a good DJ should know how to manipulate the light to get the most out of your venue.

So now we’ve covered the main reasons why it’s important for a DJ to utilise lighting well, be sure to ask about this important component so you know you’re hiring someone who understands what a key role the correct lighting will play at your party.  For some of the most knowledgeable DJs Manchester has to offer, get in touch with a member of our team today!