Often, when people are budgeting for a party, they’re a little surprised by the cost of hiring a DJ. While there are some DJs out there who might charge next to nothing, as the old saying goes “you get what you pay for”, so if you want a good service then don’t expect it to be cheap.

If you want a professional DJ who’ll get your party in full-swing, you’ll need to set aside a decent portion of your budget. Here we’ll go over why DJs charge what they do and what you can expect for your money.

Equipment costs and maintenance

When you hire a DJ’s services, you’re paying for both their expertise and the equipment they bring to your event. Most DJs won’t entertain sub-standard audio and lighting equipment, and this hardware comes with a hefty price tag.

Whether the DJ has invested a large amount when starting out, or collected the gear over the years, the equipment they’re bringing with them will have set them back hundreds if not thousands, so remember that when you’re considering the price of the DJ. If need be, ask them what equipment they own and more times than not the price of their services should reflect the quality of the gear they’ll be bringing on the night.

Their skill

Being a professional DJ is much more than pressing a few buttons and tweaking a few nobs as some foolishly believe. As the person in control of the music, the DJ dictates the mood and tempo of the evening and knowing how to get that right is an extremely difficult skill that can take years to master.

Catalogue/musical expertise

Having a massive musical catalogue and a wealth of knowledge to dip into is every DJ’s bread and butter. A DJ should be able to pull out those old bangers and play to the crowd’s ear, playing any requests any guests may have.

While the use of digital equipment has made owning a larger catalogue much easier, you can’t fake knowledge and knowing which tunes to select is a skill that no amount of digital equipment can replicate.


A professional DJ should always have public liability cover when they perform at a function or event. This is a legal responsibility in case there’s any damage to the venue or a person at the party. In the event anything goes wrong, knowing your DJ is covered can be assuring, although this is anther cost the DJ must factor into their fee.

Other things to consider

For many professional DJs, this may be their only source of income. A DJ working full-time will have to pay a number of costs to keep their business afloat. In the digital age, one of the main expenses is advertising, which is an essential service DJs must pay for in order to keep the bookings coming in.

Then there are travel and/or fuel expenses and equipment maintenance that all take up a portion of the DJ’s profit. While it might not seem as though these outgoings are directly linked to the service being provided, they do highlight why a DJ must charge a fair price if they’re to make a decent living.

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