My name is Barrie and I am and have been a magician/childrens entertainer for over

20 years. How did it start and how did you get into it I can hear you ask.

Well like all the best stories, sit down, grab a culpa- oh and a choccy biscuit and I shall tell you how and why it all began.

As a child born in Eccles , life was very simple and during these days even TV was in black and white. Oh I loved TV and watched anything and everything, bearing in mind in those days there were only 3 channels.

Books were popular as we didn’t have internet, computers and games consuls but a library ticket was handy.

I used to frequent my local library and read lots of adventure books.

I did take the odd None-fiction book out and one was on card tricks for children.

I learnt a few simple tricks, self working, lots of fun and showed my family whom were suitably impressed.

At the age of 17 I joined the Royal Navy and again bought the odd magic book and during the many hours at sea did a little bit of magic to entertain my fellow ship mates.

After the Royal Navy I joined Greater Manchester Police and during this time I got married and had a child.

At this time I lived in Cheshire with my wife and child and it was here that a turn of events occurred that led me into the world of taking Magic seriously and putting an act together.

My daughter attended a pre-school and like all schools and nurseries that put on a Nativity play for the parents to watch.

During the show my daughter was an angel. think that was the only time..hahaha and after the show they had a children’s entertainer for the children (and adults).

This entertainer was “Scotty” also known as Ron Pilkington.

He did an amazing show using puppets, doves , a rabbit and lots of fun.

After the show I spoke to Ron and told him how much I enjoyed his show and what I do with magic.

Ron told me he was a member of a Magic society in Manchester- The Order of the Magi- the second oldest society in the world.

I joined The Order of the Magi and during my time there I served on the council, helped in all capacities and was President in 2005.

It was when I met Ron that with his help I put a Childrens magic show together.

At first I performed to friends and family only but the more I performed the better I got, then other peoples friends asked me to perform.

This was 1999.

Since then I have performed all over Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Wales, Staffordshire and even in the City of London.

I have performed my shows in fields, tents, church halls and the church itself, hotels, castles, business offices, village halls, houses, back gardens, car showrooms, golf clubs and anywhere that required entertainment for both children and adults.

Also I have entertained at birthday parties, weddings, christenings, school functions, restaurants, hairdressers- yes you read that right,rugby club and endless amounts of open days, fairs and fun days.

Most work came by word of mouth, however in 2014 I got a call off a Magi member asking me if I still did children’s shows. I answered positive and he asked if he could give my number to a company that hires out children’s entertainers and manages said children’s entertainers.

The Company was and still is called Absolute DJs and Absolute Kids run by Gary and Kerry.

You do hear horror stories about these agencies but from day one when I spoke with Gary I could see he was a very professional and trustworthy person.

He asked if I could do a show at a venue and this was the beginning of a great relationship.

In working for Absolute Kids all the hard work, advertising, website stuff etc is done by them. The send me the job, if I can fulfil it I will. I then speak with the client, tell them what I do in the performance show, explain I supply balloons, magic and music and oversee the games.

In all the time working with Gary and Kerry from Absolute Kids it has been fantastic.

Yes times/ dates/ venues may get confused but NEVER has a client been let down and not enjoyed the service I and Absolute Kids provide.

I have also performed at the Manchester Christmas Markets which Absolute DJs and Absolute Kids put together.

I have never felt so valued and wanted working for someone as I do with Absolute Kids and that goes for their clients.

If your thinking of having a celebration no matter what the occasion, get on to Gary or Kerry, they will advise what works best, they won’t sell or provide you something you don’t need, bout will provide you with flawless entertainment to make your event THE BEST.

I continue working with Gary and Kerry and look forward to many more giiggs.

Maybe I will perform for you in the future.

Look forward to meeting you.