Simon Townsley dj how i started.

I started my dj career back in 2006 in Benidorm (spain) where i lived for at least 14 years. 

A friend of mine asked me one night if i would like to give it a go at covering his nights off, so i thought why not how hard it can be?

I’m good with music and have studied theatre lighting and sound.

The night i DJ’d went really well and i covered a few other nights for him, one night the manager asked me if i would be interested in becoming a resident dj for the company in there bigger night club called champions on the main square which i accepted. 

I was exclusive to them for at 4 good years untill i decided to move on to cabaret bars where i was host and Compare introducing acts, djing and working lighting and sound, i worked in a few of these bars such as uk cabaret, Valentine’s and jokers.

A few years later in 2012 i got asked to be resident dj in a brand new venue which was the biggest club in the area which i agreed to taking on, the bar was called the red lion which was a very successful and busy bar, i had good times there working with good acts such as the famous sticky Vicky and her daughter demaria Layton and stage hypnotist Gareth Fulton. 

A good few years past and i decided it was time to head back to England to be with family and friends and think about doing mobile disco for weddings, birthdays etc and a bit of the club scene also, so i bought equipment to get me started and help from friends. 

A friend of mine from Spain got me in contact with Gary at Absolute DJs Ltd who got me jobs for weddings, birthday, and christening etc. 

I got more advanced Equipment.  And for 2 years i have now been with the absolute team and I am very happy and proud to be part of a successful and reliable team.