Who doesn’t enjoy belting out their favourite songs on the karaoke machine? Enjoying karaoke with friends and family can be entertaining, interactive and a whole lot of fun, making it a great inclusion at any party or get-together.

But as well as the obvious reasons why karaoke is always a great idea for a party, the popular sing-a-long activity offers a range of hidden benefits too. Here we go over some of the lesser-known reasons why singing karaoke could be beneficial for both you and your guests…

Stress relief

Did you know that doing your favourite renditions can actually decrease your stress levels? Yep, that’s right – when we sing or do things we find enjoyable, our body releases endorphins and other feel-good chemicals in our brain, which naturally reduces levels of stress and makes us feel happier.

The same can also be said for your guests when you’re giving it your all on the mic too. When it’s your turn to sing, it’s likely they’ll either be lapping up your performance or rolling around in stitches of laughter! Either way, they’ll be enjoying the show which is good therapy making karaoke a great way to reduce stress levels for everyone in attendance.

Great for breathing

Okay, so it’s unlikely you’ll be hitting the high notes quite like Pavarotti, but singing can still work wonders for your airwaves nonetheless. When we sing we’re forced to utilise parts of our lungs we might not typically use very often, which is a great way to get the air flowing and give our respiratory system some much-needed exercise.

 Builds confidence

For most people, it takes a lot of guts to stand on stage and sing a song in front of their nearest and dearest – especially if they’re not very good! Plucking up the courage to have a go on the karaoke could reduce shyness and break down some confidence barriers, so this is another potential benefit and one that could actually have a bigger impact than expected.

Let’s people showcase their talent

There might well be a dark horse among you; someone with some hidden vocal skills who’s just waiting for a chance to show off what they’ve got. A karaoke party might be just the stage they need to demonstrate their talent and build up some confidence to take their singing aspirations to the next level.

Something to laugh at

If there aren’t any future Adeles or Ed Sheerans in the making then fear not, as there’s a reason we all prefer the terrible auditions on X Factor – because they’re absolutely hilarious! So, even if you and your guests are useless on the microphone, one thing that’s guaranteed is you’ll all have a great laugh, which is really all you need at any party.

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