As its only May, not a lot of people will be looking so far forward to their Christmas get together, well this year is hopefully going to be a lot different and hopefully the party season will be in full swing, and we will have learnt from what we are going through at the moment and maybe the virus will have left us all alone.

So back to your Christmas party, every year this one pops up, where to go, what to do, how much to spend, who’s paying, and the list goes on and on.

Here at Absolute DJs we have been involved over the years in hundreds of events around the festive period, some starting as early as the beginning of November and some ending in February, so as you can see its quite a long period for the events and hospitality industry.

Some venues offer the full packages to include, live bands, artistes and DJs, others offer DJs, photobooths etc and some DJs, with quite a lot offering no entertainment just food with festive music in the background. As you can see every event is different in its own unique way.

Your Christmas event will obviously be dependent on cost and value for money, whenever we have been involved in Christmas parties we have always put the emphasise on the entertainment side as we always seem to think this is the time in which people really want to let their hair down and enjoy themselves., the key to entertainment is to leave the guests wanting more and looking at booking for next year at the same venue with the same type of entertainment, after all when working with a venue we all need to be one big team with the same goal in mind which is to satisfy the client.

In summary you all need to look at the people who will be going to the party and try and give every one what they want, young or old as your all out together, pick a venue and the entertainment to suit, if there is a tribute on or band, make sure most will enjoy them, or if its just a DJ make sure they are flexible and will cater for the majority of your clients, most DJs will look at the room and take it from there, some will offer a request type service and take the night as it comes.

There are so many factors to take into consideration, but most of all have fun and let your hair down, and do what’s right for the majority not just yourself, because after all, you want to return to work being the best person around for organising such a fabulous night out.