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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional DJ

A party is an excellent way of celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday or a wedding. Bringing all of your family and friends together under one roof can be a magical experience, creating lasting memories for everyone...

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DJ Dave Legg

I was late starter as a Dj ,I helped a friend of mine who was a Dj and Karaoke around the Stockport/Tameside area ,after a few gigs he said to me “you can do this” I invested the cash and a DJ at my day job got me a...

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the sing a long waiters

We have worked alongside Absolute DJ’s on a number of occasions at our larger performances and on every occasion, they have been exemplary in their professionalism, quality of equipment, punctuality, ability and dedication Due...

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Phil Hamilton DJ

I have been working as a DJ for many years now, I started at the age of 11 using the school’s P.A system. The music teacher asked me to take the P.A system to the School Hall and he will set it up when he gets there, by the time...

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Ian Hayward “Yin”

I started DJ-ing in 1990 doing Party’s for friends and family while I was studying. I’m a Musician and when I was doing gigs with my friends I would play music in-between sets sorting out the sound which I was studying at the...

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Introducing Simon Townsley

Simon Townsley dj how i started. I started my dj career back in 2006 in Benidorm (spain) where i lived for at least 14 years.  A friend of mine asked me one night if i would like to give it a go at covering his nights off,...

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