The current Covid-19 Coronavirus) pandemic is definitely putting a strain on our industry and also many other industries out there, we Are not being offered any clear guidance, probably because we have not been in this situation before so we are all in the unknown, but we are all in this together, hence the following question?

Can you book your events / Weddings for 2021?

We can rest assure you WE ARE OPEN for business and we are still offering the same quality and reliable service as we always have done, most of this years events and Weddings have been transferred to later dates, and we are in a unique situation with having so many DJs on our team we are able to honour any moved bookings.

All new bookings will be approached in the same way and if dates need to be moved then we will honour them, all deposits will be transferred over as well.

This pandemic has certainly tested us as a business and made us stronger, there has not been a minute where I have thought about throwing the towel in, this is my passion and as a full time entertainer and business I see it is only fair that we carry on and continue to serve the industry with our quality and reliability, and this will never change.

So please pick up the phone, email us and we will be here to meet your requirements as we always have been.

Remember there is more to our business than just DJs, we can give you quotes on anything entertainment related, and if we cannot help then we will certainly know someone that can.

Anyone thinking of changing there dates from this year to next may find most Saturdays have been taken already, we are very flexible on our days we can work so we will be able to accommodate any day of the week, you may even find that some of these days are cheaper as well with then not being key days, your guests will understand as your original date will go down in history as an historical event, so try keeping any invitation or trinkets that have the original date on and utilise these within your new date, because after all this was not your fault, or to be honest anyone’s fault, but make light of it and use this to your advantage, it may all seem doom and gloom at the moment, but what a great talking point for generations to come.

Stay Strong and Stay Safe and pick up the phone and give us a ring.