You’ve been invited to a party, you are greeted by some weird and wonderful characters, and then before you know it, one of them has wound up dead and you are being recruited by the police to help solve the crime!

All in a night’s work at one of Absolute Djs / Laugh and Let Die’s Murder Mystery Events.

Be it poison or gunfire, booby trapped watches or dodgy batches of exploding candy (don’t ask!), we have been successfully killing people since 2012. And splitting a few sides too!

We have several different formats to suit any size of party, either with actors playing all the parts, or the guests joining in too. And always with our tongues firmly in our cheeks.

And we know you’ll find a theme to suit your occasion. We’ve got Titanic, James Bond, Willy Wonka, Great Gatsby and many more. And we have several Halloween and Christmas themes, so you can invite us back every year!

You’ll get all the evidence and question the suspects. And if you catch the killer, you might even win a prize!

See you soon. And remember, keep your eyes peeled, all will be revealed!

Coming to a Party, Hotel, Corporate function or Wedding near you.