Getting all your friends and family together to celebrate a birthday, wedding or anniversary should be a magnificent occasion. A party gives you a chance to celebrate, unwind and catch up with loved ones you haven’t seen for a while.

But if you’re organising a party, there are a number of things you’ll need to get right in order to make it a memorable occasion for you and your guests.

First, you need to invite the right people. Your guests are the life and soul of the party, so for the best evening make sure you invite the best company. Secondly, the food needs to be on point. Well-fed guests are happy guests so investing in a good spread will keep their spirits high.

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, you need to hire a great DJ. Having a professional who knows how to set the tone and work the crowd is imperative if you want to throw a memorable party, meaning your choice of DJ could make or break your evening. Here are the top 4 things a DJ needs to get your party rocking.

Good audio equipment

This one goes without saying, but we thought we’d say it anyway: If you want a thumping soundtrack for your party, then you’ll need a DJ with the right audio equipment. It’s not just a case of turning up with a couple of speakers and an amp – if you want the best sound-quality then it’s important you hire someone with a great set-up to really get the party rocking.

What’s also absolutely essential is your DJ knows a thing or two about acoustics. Some venues are different to others so it’s important the equipment is positioned correctly to create the best sound. Regardless of how good their hardware is, if your DJ doesn’t know where to put the speakers then the quality of the sound will be poor.

Great selection of tunes

Any DJ worth their salt will have a massive catalogue of music to suit all tastes. With practically all set-ups using digital music, there’s no excuse not to have anymore! Having a wide selection to dip into is an absolute must because guests will often request specific songs, so to avoid disappointing anyone, a good DJ should be able to cater to a range of preferences.

Good lighting

The lighting at any event or function is extremely important as it allows the DJ to set the mood and tempo of the evening. Done right, and the music and atmosphere will complement each other perfectly. If it’s done badly, the party’s vibe will be all over the place and guests will remember the night for all the wrong reasons. 

Take a wedding, for instance. If the Bride and Groom are enjoying their first dance together then the last thing they want is lasers and flashing strobes, as it wouldn’t create the calm and romantic atmosphere required. Instead, for this intimate moment, a good DJ will recognise the lighting needs to be dimmer and more relaxing, so while it’s important you hire someone with the correct equipment it’s also essential they know how to use it to create the desired setting for your party.

Good people skills

This one isn’t as obvious as the last, but it’s no less important. Your DJ will not only play the songs and control the lights, but they’ll also act as the party’s master of ceremonies. This means it’ll be their job to make announcements, interact with your guests and arrange games or activities. That’s why as well as being an expert on the decks, they’ll need good people skills so there are a few things to consider when looking for the right DJ.

All of our DJs know exactly what it takes to make your evening special, so to hire one of the best DJs Manchester has to offer, speak to one of our team today.